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Automating Patient Management Across the Continuum of Care

As increasing amounts of patient information become available to clinicians, new opportunities to enhance the care experience for both the clinician and the patient abound. Masimo automation solutions are revolutionizing not only the kind of patient data that can be collected and moved through the continuum of care, but also how that information can empower clinicians to deliver superior, evidence-based care.

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Masimo hospital automation integrates patient monitoring, driven by clinically proven SET® pulse oximetry and rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry, with sophisticated connectivity and interoperability solutions to seamlessly provide access to the most accurate, relevant patient data in the most helpful ways at the most important moments—improving workflow efficiencies and helping clinicians deliver the best care possible.

Continuously Monitor Advanced Parameters


At the core of our approach to automating care is the ability to accurately monitor multiple advanced patient parameters. With the Root® Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Platform, clinicians are able to:

Masimo - SpHb and PVi Root technology with sensors
  • Centralize multiple noninvasive technologies, usually found on multiple separate devices, in one comprehensive monitor
  • Benefit from advanced rainbow SET® measurements, brain function monitoring, regional oximetry, blood pressure, temperature, capnography, and more
  • Observe and assess patient data with the advantage of Root’s high-resolution, intuitive, and customizable display

Further, Root serves as a connectivity hub, drawing in patient data from connected Masimo and third-party devices and automating the electronic charting of this rich, comprehensive stream in electronic medical records (EMRs). By reducing the need to manually document and copy data, the chance of transcription errors is minimized, helping clinicians focus their full attention on delivering evidence-based care rather than documentation.

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Third-party Devices

Masimo - Root PLM-10018B - Connectivity Hub


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Masimo - EMR PLM-10018B - EMR Interface

Electronic Medical Record

In addition to robust continuous monitoring capabilities, Root offers a versatile spot-check interface with:

  • Streamlined data input at the bedside, automating vital signs workflows and the calculation of early warning scores (EWS)
  • Easy-to-follow prompts, cold-spot data queueing, and intuitive data push capabilities, helping care teams more easily collect quality data and transfer it upstream for use by clinicians throughout the hospital and beyond

Iris® Connectivity Across the Continuum of Care


The Iris platform enables connectivity across the continuum of care by seamlessly funneling all the data collected at the bedside, including from third-party devices, into hospital IT systems, promoting connectivity and interoperability through standards-based protocols. Masimo is firmly committed to the flow of open data and, with our scalable, flexible automation solutions, we adapt our advanced connectivity tools to meet the needs of each hospital’s unique device and network infrastructure.

By breaking down data siloes and automating how patient information is collected and transferred, clinicians and care teams have access to high quality, comprehensive information about patient status throughout the hospital—helping reduce variability in bedside care and enhance patient safety and comfort.

Masimo - Iris Connectivity Workflow

Transforming Patient Data into Actionable Insights


To maximize the use of quality patient data, our state-of-the-art devices and systems are designed to display that data in meaningful ways to support care team workflows and enhance patient safety.

Masimo - Doctor at Nursing Station monitoring Patients with SafetyNet desktop
  • Patient SafetyNet™* is a supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system that displays near real-time information from connected Masimo and third-party devices at a central station
  • Combined with Replica™, these alarms and alerts travel from bedside devices to a clinician’s tablet or smartphone
  • Halo ION™ maximizes the value of patient data collected at the bedside by aggregating trend data from multiple physiologic parameters into a single, continuous score for each patient
  • UniView™ and Kite® visualize patient data on supplemental displays with customizable, use-case-specific layouts, helping clinicians reduce cognitive overload, spot trends, target areas for clinical focus, and coordinate care

Combined, the Masimo approach to automating care offers clinicians the ability to leverage quality data to deliver evidence-based care across the continuum.


*The use of the trademark Patient SafetyNet is under license from University HealthSystem Consortium.


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