Trace Masimo - Trace Intuitive Patient Data Analysis and Reporting Tool

Masimo Trace™

Intuitive Patient Data Analysis and Reporting Tool

  • Create easy-to-read patient reports that include parameter trends, histograms, event annotations, and key statistics
  • Conveniently review reports for advanced Masimo measurements, including rainbow® parameters, brain monitoring, and capnography
  • Connect remotely to networked Masimo devices
  • Rapidly transfer up to 96 hours of device parameter data
  • Review and generate additional reports for past patient data
  • Facilitate clinician access to patient data at any time through network storage capability

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Customizable and Easy-to-Read Reports

Customizable and Easy-to-Read Reports


Generate a wide range of customizable reports that includes the following:

Masimo - Trace - % Times Report

Actual and % Times Reports:

  • Display the percentage of time, or total time in minutes or seconds, spent at each parameter value in a graphical and tabular format
Masimo - Trace - Desaturation Report

Desaturations Report1:

  • Lists times and durations of desaturation events
  • Lowest SpO2 value is provided for each event
  • Allows for user-defined SpO2 threshold and an adjustable oxygenation drop definition
Masimo - Trace - Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive Report:

  • Displays vital information for each parameter such as highest, lowest and mean values
  • Includes trend graphs for each parameter, with visual annotations of clinical events

Data Display and Report Configuration

Data Display and Report Configuration


Extract, store, and display available parameter data from supported Masimo devices in an easy-to-interpret format.

Masimo - Trace - Data Display
screenshot of the Customizable report Generator sections, showing some of the options for the report

Customize reports to meet your clinical needs

  • Generate up to six types of reports
  • Choose which parameters and events to include in reports
  • Define reporting limits for selected parameters and respiratory events2

Additional Reporting Options

Additional Reporting Options


Respiratory Events Report

  • Lists events according to a user-defined respiratory rate (RR) threshold and event duration
  • Lowest RR value is provided for each event

Events Report

  • Lists user-added and parameter events such as low confidence, invalid measurements, and low and high alarms
  • Logs the duration and time of events

Time Interval Reports

  • Graphically displays parameter measurements over 24, 12, 8, 2 and 1 hour and 30, 10 and 1 minute time intervals

Easy Installation

Easy Installation


1. Plug the Trace USB drive into a USB port on the Trace host computer.

2. Locate the Trace installation (.exe) file.

3. Double click the Trace Setup.exe file to start the Trace installation process.

4. Read and accept the Masimo end user license agreement.

5. If a Desktop Shortcut to Trace is desired, check the box next to “Create a desktop shortcut”. Click Next to continue.

6. Click Next to perform the installation.

7. By default, the check box to “Launch Masimo Trace” is selected (de-select if desired). Once Trace is installed, click Finish. Trace will open.

Available in English only


  1. 1.

    Available when SpO2 parameter is selected for inclusion in reports

  2. 2.

    Available when Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa®) is selected for inclusion in reports


Masimo, Trace Product Information

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