Masimo -  Ningbo David- OEM Partner

Ningbo David Medical Device Co., Ltd


No. 35, Jinxing Road, 
Binhai Industrial Park, 
Xiangshan Economic 
Development Zone, 
Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China, 15712


Phone: 0574-65983055
Fax: 0574-87801111

Released Products*


Released Products with Masimo SET®

  • Masimo - Ningbo David - HKN-93C
  • HKN-93C

  • HKN-93CS
  • HKN-93CS

  • YP-2000S
  • YP-2000S

*The products and features shown may not be available in all markets. Please verify with Ningbo David Medical Device Co., Ltd the markets in which the listed products and features are available.