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Introducing Masimo AAT™
Denon PerL Pro™ Premium True Wireless Earbuds
Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology™ delivers personalized, lossless sound, creating a unique hearing profile tuned perfectly to your hearing. By measuring each person’s hearing sensitivity and tailoring the sound to suit, Masimo AAT ensures no musical detail is left unheard. Experience more distinct and present sound with the Denon PerL Pro.

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Smart Health Watch & Band

Masimo Freedom™

Coming Soon: The Future of Wearables Technology
Masimo Stork™ provides continuous tracking of health data to empower confident parenting.
30+ years of innovation and breakthrough advances have allowed Masimo, the makers of clinically proven SET® pulse oximetry, to miniaturize its monitoring technology and integrate it into a watch.
Playing for hours in the heat takes a real toll on my body. MightySat provides accurate data that tracks how my body is holding up.
Taylor Fritz, Winner of ATP Master 1000, Indian Wells
Timing is everything. Monitor the risk of accidental overdose with Opioid Halo. Help keep your loved ones safe.


people are monitored with Masimo’s SET® pulse oximetry technology each year*



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top hospitals in the United States use Masimo technologies, as ranked in the 2022-2023 U.S. News and World Report†


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