Masimo Technology

Masimo Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®)

In 1989, two young engineers asked themselves why pulse oximetry wouldn't work during patient motion and low perfusion—and by doing so, set a new course that created a revolution in patient monitoring.

For more than twenty-five years, clinicians have trusted Masimo pulse oximetry to help improve patient outcomes. Before Masimo, pulse oximeters were unreliable, providing inaccurate measurements and frequent false alarms. Masimo revolutionized the industry with the development of Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®).

SET® differentiates Masimo from other pulse oximetry technology by using advanced signal processing techniques to separate the arterial signal from sources of noise. This key advantage ensures that Masimo SET® delivers truly accurate measurements—even during conditions that prove challenging for conventional technology, such as movement and cold extremities.1

Crucially, Masimo SET® technology is reliable for all skin color pigmentations which is of paramount importance for equitable and effective healthcare. By addressing some of the challenges posed by differences in skin color, Masimo SET® technology is helping advance the quality of medical care for everyone.2

Superior Sensitivity and Specificity

In a comparison of 20 pulse oximeters tested on 70 volunteer subjects during challenging conditions, the Masimo difference was clear: Masimo SET® had greater sensitivity (the ability to detect true oxygen saturation values < 90%) and greater specificity (values ≥ 90%) than all other technologies.3

Experts Agree

Masimo SET® is trusted by care providers around the world to monitor more than 200 million patients each year and has been shown in more than 100 independent and objective studies to outperform other pulse oximetry technologies.4

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