Masimo Health at Home

Take Charge of Your Health

Masimo has been dedicated to improving the lives of patients in hospitals for over 30 years. Now we're bringing that technology to the home with products that help consumers live healthier in their everyday lives.

MightySat® Medical
The First and only FDA-cleared over-the-counter (OTC) fingertip pulse oximeter for medical use without a prescription.
Masimo W1® Sport
Health and Wellness on the Wrist
The Masimo W1 Sport offers accurate, continuous health data and actionable health insights*
Masimo Freedom Health Watch & Band Bundle
Radius T°™
Round-the-clock temperature tracking for up to 8 days
Now there's an easier way to see when a fever spikes, so you know when to take action.
Masimo W1
Masimo Stork™ Vitals+
Continuous health data and video for your baby.
See your baby's skin temperature, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation along with high-resolution video† and clear two-way audio from the Stork app.*

Continuous Tracking. Unmatched Accuracy. Actionable Insights.

Masimo Apps

Track and trend your health to gain insights that guide you towards healthy living.

  • View your continuous measurements across respective Masimo devices
  • Track and trend your measurement history
  • Connectivity to the secure Masimo cloud
  • Health data sharing with family and friends

Masimo Freedom™: the Future of Wearables Technology

Decades of innovation and breakthrough advances have allowed Masimo, the makers of clinically proven SET® pulse oximetry, to miniaturize a monitoring technology based on SET® and integrate it into a watch.

Take control over your health & wellness

      *MighytSat, Masimo W1 and Stork are not medical products. See specific product page for more information.
      †Only if you purchase the bundle with the camera.