Medical Wearable

Masimo W1® Medical

Introducing the first and only FDA-cleared medical wearable to provide continuous, real-time, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR).


Now with the Masimo W1 Medical Wearable you can:

  • Accurately track your health data with a medical grade sensor in an easy-to-interpret format.
  • Get notified when oxygen saturation and pulse rate are outside of their normal ranges.

Coming Soon in 2024!

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Who Is Masimo W1 Medical Wearable For?

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Health Conscious

Those looking to improve their fitness and accurately track their physiological data.

Patient Under the Care of a Physician

Patients who may be prescribed use of the Masimo W1 as part of their care with their doctor.

Feature (Use)



Pulse Rate

Embrace the comfort of knowing when you or a loved one is at risk with low oxygen levels or pulse rate.

Lifestyle Friendly Wearable

Accurate Health Data

Notifications For Abnormal Physiological Parameters

Insights Into Your Personal Health

Act on Your Personal Data

Oxygen level (SpO2)

Oxygen level (SpO2)

Oxygen levels in your blood can change with heart and lung function, activity, and altitude

Heart Rate (HR)

The number of times the heart beats in a minute, based on electrical signals
Pulse Rate

Pulse Rate (PR)

How often the heart pushes blood through your body, which can change with general health, physical activity, and with your mental or emotional state (e.g., stress, anxiety)
Perfusion Index

Perfusion Index (Pi)

A calculation of the relative strength of your pulse, which changes based on your circulation

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

A simple and noninvasive measurement of your heart’s electrical activity. The average heart rate is typically 65-100 beats per minute

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