Masimo W1®

Advanced health tracking wearable that includes cutting edge Hydration Index (Hi); Includes one year Personal SafetyNet subscription (£88 value for £44). Limited time offer.

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Masimo W1®

Masimo W1®

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Masimo W1®

The first of its kind, the Masimo W1 wearable offers accurate, continuous health data and actionable health insights from the leader in hospital pulse oximetry. A variety of physiological data is provided for consumers wanting to make better informed health and lifestyle decisions, improve their fitness, or track their health data on their own or with friends and family.

  • Continuous health data tracking
  • Fitness tracker to help you train smarter
  • Hydration Index measurement
  • Comfortable and convenient wearable device
  • Connects to the Masimo Health App
Masimo W1®

Take charge of your health

Masimo W1®

Take charge of your health

Masimo's Hydration Index provides an index of the wearer's hydration level, widely recognised as an important aspect of daily health and performance. Masimo W1 identifies your hydration baseline, helping you understand your hydration level to impact performance and healthy life decisions.

Masimo's W1 utilises a US FDA-Cleared module, giving you true 24/7 health data that tracks your activities day and night, so nothing is missed. With the power to access your health data immediately and accurately, you can rest assuredly.

The Masimo Health App provides the patterns and trends of your health data to help you make important daily health decisions. Share your health and activity data with friends and loved ones via our secure Masimo Health Cloud.

Advanced Tracking

    HEART RATE (HR)The number of times the heart beats in a minute, based on electrical signals
    HYDRATION INDEX (Hi)An index calculated to reflect your relative level of hydration; studies have shown that optimal hydration can improve sleep quality, cognition, mood, and more
    OXYGEN LEVEL (SpO2)Oxygen levels in your blood can change with heart and lung function, activity, and altitude
  • PERFUSION INDEX PERFUSION INDEXA calculation of the relative strength of your pulse, which changes based on your circulation
    PLETH VARIABILITY INDEX (PVi®)A calculation based on the changes in your perfusion index, which may be affected by your fluid volume during your respiration cycle and can increase with lower fluid levels
    PULSE RATE VARIABILITY (PRV)The changes in your pulse rate that can show how consistently your blood is being pushed through your body, even with exercise or under stress
    PULSE RATE (PR)How often the heart pushes blood through your body, which can change with general health, physical activity, and with your mental or emotional state (e.g., stress, anxiety)


Improve Your Health & Wellness by Tracking Your Health Data

Track your health trends and patterns, and use your data to make more informed choices about exercising, reducing stress, sleeping habits, and more. Key features include:

  • View your continuous measurements
  • Track and trend your measurement history
  • Connectivity to Masimo Health cloud
  • Health data sharing with family and friends

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Masimo Services: Your Personal SafetyNet

      For more details on in-depth health reports with insights into your recent health data, summary scores, and recommendations, please contact our Customer Services team at 0800 0869016.

30 + years of innovation and breakthrough advances have allowed Masimo, the makers of clinically proven SET® pulse oximetry, to miniaturize its monitoring technology and integrate it into a watch.

Get Started with the Masimo W1 Advanced Health Tracking Watch

Download the Masimo Health App, then follow the instructions to pair the App to your Masimo W1

Step 1: Put on Your Watch
Step 2: Start a Health Measurement
Step 3: Pair Your Watch
Details & Specifications

What’s in the box

  • Masimo W1 watch module and wrist M-band
  • Wireless charging cable
  • Setup Instructions
  • Free Downloadable Masimo Health app
Masimo W1®

Frequently Asked Questions

Masimo W1®

Frequently Asked Questions

Any person who would like to track their health and wellness data can use the Masimo W1 wearable.

Masimo W1 is compatible with Android and iOS devices. For iOS devices, it is compatible with iOS 13, 14, and 15. For Android devices, it is compatible with Android 7.0 through Android 12.0.

Search for the Masimo Health app in the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Yes, both the Masimo Personal Health and Masimo SafetyNet apps are available for tablets.

Please contact Masimo Customer Support for additional accessories such as the M-band or charger.

Once the app is downloaded onto your smartphone, you do not need Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. The watch connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth®.

The watch must be within Bluetooth range of your phone to receive data. This distance can vary depending on the use environment but can be up to 100 feet (maximum distance) with direct visual line of sight between the watch and your phone.

The watch can be worn at any time, allowing you to monitor health data during activities as varied as workouts and overnight sleep patterns.

The watch is water-resistant (IP24 rating) – it can be worn in the shower but should not be submerged.

The watch lasts up to 21 hours after being fully charged.

If you connect your device to the Masimo Health App, the data collected by your W1 will download locally to the App and sent to the Masimo Health cloud hosted by AWS. The App will also hold any data that you enter manually into the App. Depending on the setting you choose, you may be able to share your health data with your family, friends or other persons with whom you choose to share your health data. Your data will be collected and stored on the App and our AWS cloud server until deleted.

Your health data, as well as any data related to your account will remain on your Masimo Health App until you delete the App and your account. When you delete your account, the delete event will cascade down to delete all your account profile information, shared access agreements or invitations, and associated health data.

Masimo W1 has a 3-year warranty. Read more information about the warranty here. Contact Masimo Customer Support for further questions.

Contact Customer Service for any modifications to your account including changing your contact email, updating account information for gifting the Masimo W1 to someone else, and cancelling your service membership.

Want to know more? Explore More FAQs

Experience the Power of Masimo

Experience the Power of Masimo

    *Arterial oxygen saturation. Not intended for use as a medical device or to replace a medical device.
      †ARMS accuracy is a statistical calculation of the difference between device measurements and reference measurements. Approximately two-thirds of the device measurements fell within ± ARMS of the reference measurements in a controlled study.
      §This represents approximate run time with Screen on-time: 0%, Bluetooth connection On, Active Measurement, SpO2 and Heart Rate (Continuous Vitals On), Heart Rate (10 Spot-Check measurements), using a fully charged battery.

      Masimo W1 is not a medical device.
      Download the Masimo W1 Whitepaper here.