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Masimo Doctella™

Home-based Patient Engagement and Remote Data Capture Platform

  • Doctella is a secure cloud-based platform that allows providers to customize interactive digital CarePrograms™ for their patients.
  • CarePrograms automate remote care delivery with app-based notifications and guidance, and are dynamically updated based on patient input, questionnaire responses, and physiological data.
  • Doctella helps providers extend care from the hospital to the home by helping them view patient inputs and compliance with treatment plans, interpret physiological data, and collect population health data.

Comprehensive Dashboard for Providers


The Doctella provider dashboard offers clinicians a simple, at-a-glance view of all patients under their care, helping them implement treatment protocols and deliver ongoing remote care by processing patient reported data.

Masimo - Doctella dashboard screen image with patient names

Comprehensive Care Team Dashboard

  • Assign CarePrograms to patients
  • View a customizable dashboard of all enrolled patients’ status and active notifications
  • Generate aggregated population-level reports on patient activity
Masimo - Doctella Patient reports screen image


  • View status, CareProgram compliance and active notifications for all enrolled patients on a customizable dashboard
  • View physiological data from patient-connected devices, presented with charts and trends
  • Automated timekeeping tracks provider activity, including time spent analyzing patient physiological data
  • Population health reporting

Easy-to-use Mobile Experience for Patients


The Doctella mobile app for smartphones guides patients and caregivers through prescribed treatment using conditional logic, vital signs thresholds, and more.

Masimo - Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

  • Enroll patients in clinically prescribed CarePrograms, curated by providers, which deliver education, reminders, and alerts
  • Intelligent decision-tree logic tailors the patient experience by incorporating patient activity, responses, and physiological data from connected devices with automated notifications
  • Keep patients engaged in treatment plans with automated reminders to complete various actions, such as taking medication or recording SpO2 values, and receive alerts if a physiological parameter threshold is exceeded
Masimo - Secure, Patient-owned Data Sharing Screen on mobile phone

Secure, Patient-owned Data Sharing

  • Patients can review their own data and choose to securely share with family members or friends
  • Solicit patient text messages and feedback, viewable on the provider dashboard

Additional Features

Masimo - Nurse station using Doctella dashboard on desktop computer
  • Enterprise-level IT capabilities such as account single sign-on, EHR integration, and data warehousing
  • Masimo Implementation Team helps care teams develop clinical content and implement workflows
  • Live technical support for care teams, patients, and their families



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