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Radius Tº™

Radius Tº™


Wearable Temperature Sensor

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Radius Tº is a wearable, wireless sensor that continuously measures a patient’s body temperature. Featuring trending temperature and Bluetooth® connectivity that sends data to remote devices, Radius Tº automates remote continuous assessment of temperature status—allowing care providers to track patient progress and prioritise safety even from afar.

Radius Tº  is designed to help:

  • Streamline Workflows
    Wearability and connectivity capabilities minimise the need for intermittent checks or temperature probes.
  • Inform Care Decisions
    Trended data may provide additional insight into patient status, supporting care decisions and helping clinicians prioritise patient safety.
  • Support Infection Control Efforts
    The ability to monitor from a distance helps clinicians remotely manage patients with a fever or those at high risk of developing a fever.
  • Improve Patient Compliance
    The comfortable, wearable, and water-resistant sensor keeps patients continuously monitored without the need for routine patient action.

Integrated with Masimo SafetyNet™

Integrated with Masimo SafetyNet™


Seamlessly Extend Care from Hospital to Home

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Gain insights into patient temperature status alongside continuous oxygen saturation and respiration rate.

Masimo - Remote Monitoring Kit

Remote Home Monitoring Kit

Patients recieve a multi-day supply of sensors, along with access to the Masimo SafetyNet mobile application.

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Continuous Measurement

Continuous Measurement

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Once-per-minute monitoring—even during ambulation—featuring trended data and notifications when temperature exceeds a clinician-specified range

Additional Features

Additional Features

  • Sensor Reapplication
    Can be easily removed and reapplied, allowing care providers to recheck sensor sites freely and reposition the sensor as needed
  • 8-day Battery Life
    Suitable for use in the hospital and at home
  • Single-patient Use
    Reduces the risks of cross-contamination between patients
  • Shower-proof Adhesive
    Reduces the need to remove or replace the sensor
    Supports patient compliance

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Product Information

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