Pronto® Pulse CO-Oximeter® Featuring Masimo SET® Pulse Oximetry with rainbow® Technology for Noninvasive Spot-Checking of Total Haemoglobin (SpHb®)



Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion

  • > Masimo SET® pulse oximetry helps clinicians monitor more than 100 million patients a year1
  • > In a study comparing three pulse oximetry technologies, Masimo SET® demonstrated the highest sensitivity and specificity in identifying desaturation events during conditions of motion and low perfusion2

Next Generation SpHb Improvements


The Next Generation SpHb technology3 in Pronto offers:


More Than a Conventional Pulse Oximeter

Table Chart OUS

Universal rainbow® DCI-mini Sensor

  • > Lightweight, versatile sensor, for use with multiple patient types
  • > Features Next Generation SpHb technology when used with Pronto, enabling improved motion tolerance and timely spot-check results


    • 1 Estimate: Masimo data on file.
    • 2 Shah N et al. J. Clin Anesth. 2012 Aug; 24(5):385-91.
    • 3 Next Generation SpHb technology in Pronto is available only when used in conjunction with compatible rainbow® DCI-mini sensor with Next Generation SpHb technology.


Product Information

SpHb monitoring with Pronto is not intended to replace laboratory blood testing. Blood samples should be analyzed by laboratory instruments prior to clinical decision making.

Pronto with Next Generation SpHb and the rainbow® DCI-mini have obtained CE Marking. Not available in the U.S.

For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.