RD SETTM Featuring Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion
and Low Perfusion Technology

  • > Maximizing Patient Comfort
  • > Optimizing Clinician Workflow
  • > Helping Hospitals Meet Their Green Initiatives

RD SET Sensors for Patients

Maximising Patient Comfort

Lightweight sensor with a flat, soft cable



Flat Sensor Cable

  • > Flat, lightweight sensor cable with smooth edges lies comfortably on the patient's hand or foot

Lightweight Connector

  • > Made from materials that result in a
    lightweight connector with no moving parts

Small, Thin Optical Components

  • > Low profile internal components allow the sensor to better conform to the shape of a finger and may put less pressure on the measurement site
  • > Orientation of optical components position the sensor cable comfortably on top of the hand
Tape removed for illustrative purposes

RD SET Sensors for Caregivers

Optimising Clinician Workflow

Simple to use with enhanced connection and sensor application features for a better user experience


Two Styles of Sensors For Use on Different Patient Types


location of emitter/detector


Fold-over Style Sensors

  • > Available in adult and paediatric sizes
  • > Offering a more secure application to the digit and more intuitive sensor alignment


Sensor Graphics to Guide Proper Sensor Application

  • > Application graphics printed on top and bottom of sensors to assist with sensor application for optimal performance and ease of sensor removal and reapplication
  • > Sensor labels to immediately communicate location of emitter/detector


Wrap-around Style Sensors

  • > Available in adult, paediatric, infant, and
    neonatal sizes
  • > Easily removed and reapplied
  • > Suited for patients with long fingernails
    or finger deformities


Quick Connection

  • > Intuitive sensor-to-cable connection
  • > Tactile and audible feedback ensuring
    proper connection

RD SET Sensors for the Environment

Helping Hospitals Meet Their
Green Initiatives

The same Masimo SET® performance with a significant
reduction in waste


Sensor Design

  • > Lightweight design that results in less material waste
sensor design

Packaging Design

  • > RD SET sensors utilise significantly smaller packaging
  • > Lightweight package design is easy to handle
packaging design *Storage space reduction calculated by dividing the reduction in volume by volume of the traditional cable-based sensor box.

Lightweight Sensor and Packaging Design For a Green Solution

green solution**Waste calculated by comparing the sensor and packaging weight of traditional cable-based sensors versus Adult RD adhesive sensors. Internal data on file.


RD SET Sensor Brochure
RD SET Sensors

For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.