Masimo TraceTM

Intuitive Patient Data Analysis and Reporting Tool


  • > Create easy-to-read patient reports that include parameter trends, histograms, event annotations, and key statistics
  • > Conveniently review reports for advanced Masimo measurements, including rainbow® parameters, brain function monitoring, and capnography
  • > Connect remotely to networked Masimo devices
  • > Rapidly transfer up to 96 hours of device parameter data
  • > Review and generate additional reports for past patient data

Customisable and Easy-to-Read Reports

Generate a wide range of customisable reports that includes the following:


spo2 graphs

% Times Report:
  • > Displays the percentage of time spent at each parameter value in a graphical and numerical format

desaturations report

Desaturations Report*:
  • > Lists times and durations of desaturation events
  • > Lowest SpO2 value is provided for each event
  • > Allows for user-defined SpO2 threshold and an adjustable oxygenation drop definition

Comprehensive report

Comprehensive Report:
  • > Displays vital information for each parameter such as highest, lowest and mean values
  • > Includes trend graphs for each parameter, with visual annotations of clinical events

Data Display and Report Configuration

Extract, store, and display, in an easy-to-interpret format, available parameter data from supported Masimo devices


data display


report selection

Customise reports to meet your
clinical needs
  • > Generate up to six types of reports
  • > Choose which parameters and events to include in reports
  • > Define reporting limits for selected parameters and respiratory events**

Additional Reports


Respiratory Events Report

  • > Lists events according to a user-defined respiratory rate (RR) threshold and event duration
  • > Lowest RR value is provided for each event

Events Report

  • > Lists user-added and parameter events such as low confidence, invalid measurements, and low and high alarms
  • > Logs the duration and time of events

Time Interval Reports

  • > Graphically displays parameter measurements over 24, 12, 8, 2 and 1 hour and 30, 10 and 1 minute time intervals

Easy Installation

  • 1. Remove the USB drive from the packaging.
  • 2. Plug the USB drive into a USB port on the Trace host computer.
  • 3. Locate the Trace installation (.exe) file.
  • 4. Double click the Trace Setup.exe file to start the Trace installation process.
  • 5. Read and accept the Masimo end user license agreement.
  • 6. If a Desktop Shortcut to Trace is desired, check the box next to “Create a desktop shortcut”. Click Next to continue.
  • 7. Click Next to perform the installation.
  • 8. By default, the check box to “Launch Masimo Trace” is selected (de-select if desired). Once Trace is installed, click Finish. Trace will open.

Available in English only


  • * Available when SpO2 parameter is selected for inclusion in reports
  • ** Available when Respiration Rate (RR) is selected for inclusion in reports


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