The No Moisture Sampling Line For All Clinical Applications

Sidestream systems sample respiratory gases through a sampling line for analysis within the patient monitor. The sampled gas is usually warm and humid and cools down when in contact with the wall of a sampling line and condenses in form of water droplets. These droplets could potentially occlude the sampling line and interfere with the gas measurements. To protect the monitors from occlusion, special water vapor permeable solutions and water traps are frequently being used.

Nomoline fluid protection technology
The Nomoline fluid protection technology incorporates a standard sampling tube, a unique, made of a special polymer water separation section - the nomo section and a bacterial filter. Unlike traditional solutions that remove water vapor or collect water in a plastic container, the Nomoline removes aspired or condensed water. Water passes through the membrane-like surface of the Nomoline and evaporates into the surrounding air, while leaving oxygen, carbon dioxide, and anesthetic gases unaffected.

No cross contamination
The Nomoline contains a bacterial filter with a filtration effeciancy of ≥ 99.9980% to protect the ISA analyzers and modules from water intrusion and cross contamination.

Specially designed for low-flow applications
The Nomoline is specially designed for low-flow applications. It has excellent response time, making CO2,
N2O, and anesthetic agents measurement possible even at high respiratory rates. The Nomoline can be used for all types of patients from adults to neonates.

Key features
  • > Removes water from sample line
  • > Reduces potential for water intrusion and cross contamination
  • > Works in any orientation
  • > Works in any clinical application
  • > Latex-Free

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